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Grey Likes Weddings LOVES Umama!! 

I was totally in awe to hear that Grey Likes Weddings, a blog that I absolutely adore, had included me in their weekly newsletter! Then I was even more blown away when Kim from Grey contacted me to see if I was interested in becoming a part of The Shop at the Grey Collective, a selective curation of their absolute favorite artisan and handmade boutiques. 

Here is what Kim had to say, “We stumbled across your work when Amber, from Amber Interiors, posted about you on her blog and the whole team at Grey Likes Weddings is completely smitten! We even added Umama as inspiration to our weekly newsletter for the Grey Collective!  Your work is so fresh and you can really tell its made with love, which is what we want the The Shop to showcase.


The Shop at the Grey Collective launches in June, so my lovelies, you can now find me there! SOOO exciting!!! 

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